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Reseal-All hydraulic cylinders- We also reseal valves logic blocks, and any other hydraulic component with seals. We have a large amount of seals in stock ready to go if you need it fast.

Filtrations-Oil filtration has become one of the best cost efficient, and environmentally friendly ways of cleaning hydraulic oil in power units to extend pump life and eliminate problems during ginning season.We also carry our ultra clean hydraulic oil on hand thats cleanliness levels are well above the standards for all your needs.


Rebuilds-We rebuild pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinder valves, hydrostatic transmissions, power units, and anything hydraulically automated that we can acquire parts for. We have 2 lapping tables, and the ability to test our pumps and motors with 60hp and 125hp test machines.

Super Cylinder Cylone


Our Super Clinder Cyclone has the capability to tighten up to 35,000 ft/lbs and loosen up to 50,000 ft/lbs. One of only 3 in the nation with that capabillity right here in Lubbock,Texas!


Service- Our team is available to help all hours of the day and night with all your hydraulic needs.We have a fleet of service vehicles that can cover multiple locations and get you back to running in a hurry! 

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